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Keep Wasps Away From Your Yard

Spring brings in warmer but pleasant weather. With that, pests like wasps become quite active up until the winter season. You will find wasp colonies in the least likely of places in your home in this season. Wasps are toxic and hazardous pests that should be kept away from your property for good at all times.

They can be dangerous with their stings which makes them reason enough to take quick preventative action. You can easily keep wasps away from your yard with these effective methods and techniques:

  • Hang Fake Wasp Nests

Wasps are pests that will avoid nesting in a particular area where they find nests at present. Which means, hanging fake wasp nests in specific points near your yard can be advantageous. You can also make one using brown paper bags and stuffing it with crumpled paper. This will be effective in driving wasps away from your porch.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is a multipurpose kitchen ingredient that can be used for cooking, baking, cleaning and even controlling insects. Studies show that a solution made out of vinegar and water can attract wasps. You can mix apple cider vinegar with water and sugar. Place the container near their nests after which the wasps will drown and die in it.

  • Wasp Repelling Plants

Wasp-repelling plants such as chrysanthemum, lavender, citronella, mint, thyme can also be useful in keeping off wasps from your yard. Growing such plants in different places across your yard can be effective in warding off wasps from your home and preventing them from spoiling your cookouts.

  • Wasp Traps

You can make wasp traps right at home using some basic and easily-available material. A trap for catching wasps also can be made using empty bottles. You just need to cut off the top half of the bottle and then add some sweet bait to it before hanging it on top of any tree branch or some place in the yard. Wasps will try to enter the trap to access the sugary substance but won’t be able to leave.

  • Cover The Outdoor Trashcans Properly

Make sure your yard does not have carelessly closed trashcans and compost containers as these can be a food source for wasps. Close the compost bin with a secure lid or move it indoors if wasps are accessing it in the outdoors.

  • Clean Up After a Barbecue or Lunch

Be careful when hosting barbecues in your yard or taking a sip out of your sugary beverage sitting in the yard. Wasps are extremely attracted to protein and sugary food which they can smell when it is cooked or served in your outdoors. Hence, covering all food and beverages properly is important. Cleaning up the whole place with the grills and containers is also equally necessary to make sure the wasp colonies do not feast on the leftovers.

  • Seal Up Cracks

Wasps can use cracks and crevices that develop in the structure of your home. They can use the crevices and holes in the siding, windows and places that have incoming power lines. Seal such holes and openings using sealants or caulking material or a combination of both.

You need to make sure to do this in the period before wasps become active. Get professional wasp control service experts, if you happen to find nests anywhere in the property as sealing them will not be of any help. The wasps will manage to come out through the drywall or the vents.

  • A Mixture of Essential Oils

Lemongrass, clove and geranium can be used as an effective wasp removal technique. Mix a few drops of these oils in water and dish soap. Spray this solution on areas in the porch including outer portions of the windows, eaves, ledges, railings and higher portions of the exterior wall property.

Also do not forget to spray in portions where wasp nests used to exist before as these pests tend to come back to the same spot again.

Wasps are territorial creatures that can be a serious safety hazard for the people in your family. Therefore, you need to make sure to remove any nests from your surroundings with the help of DIY remedies or by opting for professional assistance for the easy and smooth removal of wasp nests.