Mice Removal in Montagu Bay

The risk of a mice infestation in your home or office in Montagu Bay

A mouse of any kind will always be an uninviting idea to ponder on when you're thinking about the welfare of your house or commercial property and all its occupants. We've seen it multiple times on television if not in real life of the harmful effects that an infestation of rodents can do on a property.

They will always pose as a health risk with the bacteria that they carry - not to mention the fleas that even caused the bubonic plague at one time in history! They can also be a carrier of ticks causing Lyme disease for those residing in the property; and also their urine can cause leptospirosis.

So ensuring that the vicinity is clear and that no rodents are on sight is a necessity to sustain a healthy living space.

Indications of mice infestations and deciding if you need help

It is detrimental to identify whether the mice problem you are facing now is at its beginning stages or an indication of something worse and would require a professional's expertise to address the problem. These are a few common signs to look out for when you are determining a mice infestation.

One key component to consider is chewed up items that were otherwise in perfect condition before you started suspecting mice activity in the property. Rodents don't just simply look for food, they also gnaw on materials that they can use as nests for them to breed. If this is something you've noticed with your beloved items, you may be experiencing a mice infestation.

Another indication of these pests is the presence of droppings that you haven't otherwise noticed before your suspicions. These droppings are typically oval-shaped and colour black. They will not be bigger than 5 millimetres at most. It would be unfortunate to spot these droppings where food is nearby - only proves that they've already found your food source and have potentially contaminated it already.

If one of the two, or both, signs have come about in your property, we highly urge that you contact exterminators, such as our company, to initiate a mice removal and extermination treatment in your vicinity.

How our professional mice controllers in Montagu Bay can deal with your mice infestation

With our several years of experience in the Australian mice control industry, our company has accumulated a huge number of clients who testify that our effective mice removal and treatment services are off the charts and recommend us to anyone who may need our services.

We have established this reputation due to our modern and state-of-the-art equipment and eco-safe treatments and medicines that ensure complete control and extermination of these pests at any location - all at an affordable cost.

If you've finally decided that you will need our mice removal and treatment services, all you need to do is book a mice control appointment with our trusted team and we promise to show up on your Montagu Bay premises in an hour once your schedule has been confirmed. Afterwards, we will be conducting an inspection to look at the overall situation of the property to be followed by the appropriate solutions to address the matter.