Maggot Control in Oakdowns

Where do you get maggots?

Maggots are one of the filthiest pests to wake on Earth. Their existence means that they are contained with bacteria that may thrive and affect every human being who has directly got in contact with maggots.

Their infestation begins when a fly has laid their eggs on microbial material such as garbage bins, decomposing matter, or rotten food on your kitchen counter. Anything made organic is one of their desired perversion sites so it is important to keep your premises clean and sanitary at all times.

Once the egg has evolved, it would appear slimy white-coloured worms that come into hundreds of numbers and this is what we all call maggots. When you or your pet have accidentally ingested a maggot-infested food, odds are high that you may experience drastic stomach pain or your pet may inevitably visit the vet due to vomiting and diarrhea.

Since it was mentioned earlier that maggots are filled with bacteria and cause diseases, it is important to eradicate it instantly and establish a good hygiene practice to avoid any maggot infestation to happen to you.

How to prevent maggot infestation?

Preventing a maggot infestation is actually pretty simple. You just need to follow and establish proper sanitary practices a few days a week to maintain your sanitary and neat at all times. You do not want any of your loved ones to suffer great health conditions because of maggots- this is something that can be avoidable and necessary to implement.

Cleaning your trash bins twice a week is essential to remove and keep the maggots away. They love to thrive on sites that are filled with dirt and bacteria. If you are going to manage your trash, it is important to strain all the liquids from any organic matter to prevent any leakage and maggot development.

This also causes foul smell that is unbearable enough to deal with. Another thing to remember is that you need to keep your food clean and unexposed to microbes. Put the food into a container with a secure lid and instantly store it in the fridge to prevent any spoilage.

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