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One of the sought-after pest management in Perth

Our company is one of the in-demand names that specialise in pest control services for residential and commercial premises. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who can perform a wide range of treatments meant to help to eliminate common pests problems.

In case you have noticed rodents, insects or pests in or around your home, you should hire specialised services to deal with the issue for long term protection. Do not attempt eliminating pests on your own, using harmful chemicals and uncontrolled bait applications can do more harm than good.

The expert technicians know how to handle the situation correctly and efficiently, while never exposing your health and wellbeing to any risks. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get valuable information from experts.

Instant assistance for same-day pest solution service in Perth

Ours have a responsive customer service line who will enthusiastically receive your inquiries. We will handle the problem with the utmost discretion and professionalism on the same day as your booking with us.

We understand that dealing with a pest infestation is indeed a sensitive and urgent matter.

Through our same-day assistance, you will never have to inconveniently handle the pest infestation yourself.

Pest control service for industrial properties

Your workplace is constantly busy and buzzing with deadlines and production capability. If you are a business owner, surely pest infestation is the last problem you want to deal with- this affects not only the reputation of your company but also the health conditions of your workers and customers.

Our friendly technicians are at your disposal for industrial pest control. We will guide you throughout the process and offer valuable information regarding pest infestation and management techniques.

Complete pest removal technique we apply

Our pest control method is backed by factual and scientific data that are proven and tested effective in removing pests effectively.

Each pest infestation has a designated treatment and solution- we can even customise and create a specialised procedure depending on the level of infestation you have in your property.

Meticulous property checkup

Our technique begins with a keen checking of your property. We have highly-operative pest detectors that are effective in locating the pests efficiently.

Once our specialists have completely discovered the site of infestation, we will formulate and discuss our strategic action to completely remove the pests.

Application of eco-safe pest treatment

After a brief discussion with experts, we will now start applying a great number of pest treatments that are nature-friendly and safe without drastic side-effects to you and your loved ones.

Post checkup of premises

Before we depart, we will facilitate a complete checkup of your premises to ensure that we have not overlooked places that may have an infestation. Furthermore, we will provide you with practical recommendations that are effective in hampering the chance of future infestation.

Broad-spectrum of our pest control services

Rodents removal

Rodents can carry several diseases and spread them through their saliva or droppings. They can contaminate your food sources and you can catch many viruses of sand bacteria by consuming contaminated food.

With our professional rodent control services, you can keep diseases and bacteria out of your home and surroundings. Our treatments are health risk-free and assured to capture all the rodents in your properties.

Bed bugs control

Most probably, you cannot sleep well because you are constantly thinking about the bed bugs present in your home.

If you want to put an end to this problem, you should talk to us today as we have innovative solutions and technical expertise. Get a good night’s sleep, and wake up refreshed and worry-free in the mornings! No more bed bugs bothering you.

Maggots removal

Removing maggots instantly is constantly important so as to avoid the risk of having severe health problems. However, performing DIY tactics always makes you worry about possibly inhaling toxic chemicals, about the health of your kids or the pets living in your home.

Our professional technicians will use the least amount of materials to terminate the maggot infestation. With DIY solutions, you might easily overuse toxic compounds that are very dangerous to your health and to those living in your home.

Beetles control

Our company have comprehensive solutions against beetle control. We can even reach your premises on the same day of your booking and arrive within an hour.

All you have to do is call our lines or send us a message and set up an appointment for an initial inspection, and this is when an expert will carefully inspect your premises. Ours have long term protection against drastic beetles.

Ants treatment

Ants are one of the overlooked pests that little do many know that they also carry hazards and dangers. Don’t let an ant infestation significantly put you at risk and immediately call our services now.

Our firm is one of the leading companies that provide an extensive procedure for ant infestation. We can completely remove ants with the use of innovative and efficient treatments that never fails to 100% meet satisfaction guarantees.

Tick solution

Ticks are known to bite and itch not only to humans but to our domestic pets as well. As long as they are present in our premises, there is a high chance of encountering the worsening of the condition.

Inform us about the tick problem you are struggling with, and our experienced team of specialists will come up with the most targeted solution.

Cockroach control

Cockroaches are typically carrying such powerful pathogens and bacteria that can cause asthmatic problems in children.

Instead of attempting all sorts of homemade treatments and using dangerous chemicals on your own, you should hire Alpha Pest Control experts as we have innovative solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns you might have.

Mice treatment

By eliminating mice it does not mean that you have successfully attacked the source of the infestation. Let our technicians tackle the issue and resolve the problem starting from its roots.

All our services are custom-tailored to suit your exact needs and requirements are backed by powerful guarantees and we always perform follow up and aftercare treatments.

Wasps removal

Do not expose yourself and your family to wasp infestation and let our experienced and highly-geared up technicians handle the problem.

When you hire experts, you will avoid such complications and enjoy a wasp-free, clean and hygienic environment all throughout your property.

Spiders solution

The spider bites can result in terrible itching and different allergic reactions. Spider control always requires expert knowledge to deal with the problem efficiently.

Get help from highly professional spider control technicians. We have all that it takes to handle and eradicate the spiders from its roots so you can live and enjoy a life spider-free.

Termite treatment

Termite infestation can carry diseases which spread easily to humans. Such diseases include plaque, or even asthma or malaria.

The technicians will then perform the effective termite solutions and eventually you can enjoy a healthy, happy and clean environment in your premises.

Rats control

People with underlying conditions such as allergies or eczema suffer greatly when rat infestation is present in their property.

We can offer you valuable information and rat solutions to eradicate the infestation properly. By demanding our emergency and same-day services, we can surely reach your place in an hour.

Emergency pest management in Perth

Pest infestation is recognised as one of the crises that need to be attended to immediately. If you do not deal with the pest problem, these will eventually multiply very fast and cause even more damages and problems within your home or at your business premises.

Our technicians are trained to act fast and deliver emergency pest management on the day you place your booking with us. We can determine the exact location of the infestation and attack entire colonies in order to eliminate them from your premises.

Residential pest solution in Perth

If you had enough of pests simply patrolling throughout your home, it is time to contact us.

We offer technical expertise in pest management and extermination services which will leave your home clean, sanitised and pest free for many years to come. Our company is one of the principal providers of residential pest solutions in Perth.

Alpha Pest Control – Wide-ranging of experience and expertise for pest management

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  • Targeted solutions – custom-tailored & efficient management