Hobart Pest Control Service

First-class pest control for Hobart Residents

Alpha Pest Control offers specialised pest control services for the area of Hobart. We have many years of experience in the field, providing reliable and trustworthy pest control solutions. Customers trust us because our services are backed by powerful guarantees.

Our experts are at your disposal, answering promptly all your questions and concerns. Contact us in case you struggle with a pest infestation at your home or business premises. We can help with the following:

  • Bed bugs control
  • Ant control
  • Cockroach control
  • Rodent control
  • Termite control

Our company is licensed and registered, offering top quality solutions. We serve both residential and commercial clients. Regardless of the type or extent of the infestation, we can certainly help you gain a clean, healthy and hygienic environment in your home or business premises.

Same-day removal of pest

If you are in dire need of professionals who can take out all the pests on the day of your booking, we are just what you need!

Our company offers a punctual same-day pest removal in Hobart. This assistance guarantees all our customers of the punctual appearance of our specialists in one hour upon the complete verification of your booking.

Industrial pest management in Hobart

You may not know but your workplace can also be a pleasing breeding ground for pest to cultivate. The last thing you want is to deal with pest infestation- luckily you have the option to hire experts who are adept in facilitating industrial pest management.

Our company is providing broad removal of pest to all commercial premises in Hobart. We ensure to conduct thorough method that removes 100% of the pest in your property.

The pest treatment we conduct

Initial pest checkup

The process begins with a checkup- this enables us to understand the root cause of the problem, the site of the infestation, and which method suits your pest issue.

Nature-friendly treatments

Then we apply treatments that are proven and tested efficient and effective in eradicating pests without causing harm and hazard to you and your loved ones. Rest assured that all pest solutions are organic and safe for all ages.

Final pest checkup

After we have thoroughly applied treatments, we will finally facilitate a complete checkup before leaving your property. This is to make sure that we have not missed a pest infestation and ensure that you are safe.

Complete pest solutions we offer

Rodents control

You should never attempt removing rodents or any DIY tactics because you can easily end up overusing toxic chemicals. Trust us for the professional rodent control Hobart strategies.

Our experts are adept and knowledgeable in combating rodents infestation at any time convenient for you. Rodents can significantly affect your performance and sanity if you fail to address it immediately.

Beetles solution

We have a complete beetles solution that effectively terminates all the beetle infestation in your premises. Our company is open and available around the clock if you need our service.

All our professionals are licensed and trained well with the correct method and information to remove beetles safely. Our prices are excellently affordable so you will not have to spend a huge amount of money to achieve satisfying outcomes.

Termite removal

As you know, handling termites alone may not sufficiently guarantee safe results for you. Luckily you may opt for experts who are knowledgeable and trained to remove termites properly.

With emergency and same-day assistance, we can arrive at your property within one hour and immediately conduct termite removal using technological equipment and eco-safe solutions.

Tick control

You can expose yourself from tick infestation if you mishandle the situation. To resolve this matter completely, call our services right away and our customer service attendant will receive your inquiry.

We will be at your disposal within one hour after you verify your booking. Our specialists will spare no time and start conducting the process to perfectly achieve tick-free premises.

Mice solution

Are you noticing some mice roaming around your premises? Are your domestic pets starting to scratch your walls? You might want to hire specialists to handle the situation for you!

Don’t let the situation get worse and call us now! We can be at your premises in one hour and proceed in facilitating our efficient mice solution method supported by advanced tools and nature-friendly sprays.

Ants control

We have got excellent custom-tailored ant solutions commercially and domestically in Hobart.

Ours understand that the needs of clients are different, and this is why we custom tailor our services to suit your individual needs. Contact us today and let us be of help to eradicate ants infestation in your property.

Wasps removal

Wasps are distinguished to be hostile and that taking care of their infestation is almost impossible to handle if you have practically no information on the safe way to remove them totally.

With that, we offer premium wasp control for you on the day you book our services. We have protected and productive methods in eliminating the wasp nest and investigating the foundation of infestation and make you protected all through the strategy.

Bed bugs eradication

Do you have bed bugs and need proficient assistance disposing of them in Hobart? If that is the case, don’t worry! We got you covered!

Fortunately, Alpha Pest Control is a reputable name that has helped many satisfied clients in disposing of bed bugs with the use of advanced equipment and all-age safe nature-friendly sprays. With us, you will no longer have to endure bed bug bites!

Maggots solution

Maggots may poison you if you have accidentally ingested food that has maggots on it. If you want to conveniently remove them but have no idea how to do so, allow our technicians to eliminate the maggot problem from its roots.

Our company is offering an outstanding maggot solution for you. We are trained and well-versed with the proper undertakings in removing maggots completely.

Spiders control

Seeing a spider in your property is enough to be scared and cautious. Since managing or capturing it alone may only expose you to great dangers, it is better to hire professionals who are licensed and fearless in removing spiders and its infestation.

Our certified and skilful practitioners are always ready 24/7 to assist you with spider control. You can trust us as we have years of practice and experience in handling mild and severe spider infestation.

Cockroach treatment

If you ever see one cockroach wandering in your property, chances are there are more to expect in the future! Let us be of help and hire us today!

Our company is offering a complete cockroach treatment that will further assess your premises and apply spray treatments that are organic and safe for all age-brackets.

Rats solution

Setting up traps may be the initial plan you have in mind to capture rats. Yes, this may possibly catch them but it could take up a lot of time to do so.

To ensure that you have eradicated them completely, it is much better to hire our technicians who are knowledgeable with the efficient ways to capture rats.

Pest control for your household in Hobart

We successfully protect residential properties from pests in Hobart. All the technicians working in our company are fully certified to conduct effective pest control. Ours employ truly unique and innovative treatments that help to resolve pest issues effectively.

  • 100% confidentiality & discretion
  • Follow-up & aftercare
  • Budget-friendly prices

Emergency services for pest management

Our specialists understand that pest infestation is urgent and emergency cases that require prompt assistance. With that, we offer instant emergency pest management in Hobart.

All our experts are 24/7 ready to assist you with your pest problem and be of help in the time you need our aid.

Impressive pest control assistance in Hobart

Alpha Pest Control provides effective, innovative, reliable, and all-around pest control for many years now. If you suspect an infestation in your home or office, or you simply need an inspection before buying a house, we are here to help.

After the initial inspection, we can present to you the available methods that will work on eliminating the infestation from your premises.

Contact us for a friendly quote and valuable, professional information on pest control. Don’t let pests invade your home and your life completely. Take the matter into your hands by allowing experts in the field to apply the beneficial solution.