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Phenomenal pest management at an economical price

Looking for highly efficient and eco pest control? Alpha Pest Control technicians can help. We can answer all your questions and deliver our efficient service regarding pest eradication in your home or at your business premises at an affordable price.

We value your discretion and keep all client details confidential. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner you can enjoy a pest-free, clean and sanitised environment in your home.

Our professional pest treatment covers both commercial and domestic properties in Brisbane.

Did you notice rodent activity around your home? Do the bed bugs represent a major problem in your home? Do not hesitate to contact us today!

Overview of our pest solution method

Rigorous pest checkup

We inspect your premises and perform highly targeted solutions. Using our highly-operative equipment and treatments, we can easily detect pests that may be hiding on out-of-reach corners.

A generous application of treatment’

We employ techniques that adhere to the safety regulations in place. Our specialists never use toxic chemicals and pesticides that cause severe side-effects. Rather, we apply proven and tested safe eco-safe solutions to eradicate pest infestation.

Last checkup of properties

Last but not least is the conclusive checking of your premises. This stage ensures that no pest will be overlooked and left in your property so that you are safe long-term.

Same-day assistance for pest control service

Our company offers same-day pest management services that guarantee the immediate and timely appearance of our specialists in your premises in one hour. Regardless of whether you struggle with crawling, walking or flying pests, our service can offer you some of the suitable solutions.

Let us tackle the issue on the same day of your booking in the most professional manner so that you can enjoy your peace of mind and a happy, healthy and clean environment at home. For pest-free homes – talk to us today.

Emergency pest management

Pest infestation is an urgent and immediate crisis that needs to be taken care of certified experts which is why we offer emergency pest management in Brisbane.

We have comprehensive solutions in combating pests such as cockroaches, ants, termites, beetles, and more. You can put your trust on us as we have years of experience and practice in delivering fast and reliable pest control service in Brisbane.

Complete pest control service we offer

Beetle removal

Beetles may look harmless, but over time, if you fail to manage and address its infestation, the condition may worsen.

All our technicians are trained, skilled and experienced. We do not perform trial and error treatments for beetles. All you need to do is contact us and we will answer all your questions and concerns.

Maggots solution

Maggot infestation may not be eradicated properly with the use of grocery store spray treatments as this only serves a temporary protection against maggots.

We operate a large local team of experts, and we have a very detailed knowledge of various pest infestation problems and treatment plans including maggot infestation happening in Brisbane at competitive rates.

Spider control

Spiders are typically seen in your bathroom. It is difficult to handle the removal of spiders as they may have poisonous venom that sends drastic health problems to you and your loved ones. Don’t let spider infestation interact with your wellbeing and your health.

Take the matter into your hands by contacting us- our experts represent the answer to all spider problems and deliver impressive procedures to remove it.

Bed bugs removal

Bed bugs are night time crawlers that provide severe itchiness and rashes by the time you notice it in the morning. Since it is very small, it is challenging to locate and exterminate it properly.

Our experienced exterminators will present to you the targeted solutions for bedbugs control. We will perform non-toxic, safe removal of pests which is highly effective.

Rats control

Rats are one of the well-known pests to harass your office or your home severely. Some may set up traps, however, it could take weeks to capture rats and by then, they have replicated more in your property.

Let us take care of the problem in the most professional and efficient manner, so that you can enjoy a work environment that is free from rats through our building and pest inspection. Don’t let them infest your kitchen, the food serving areas or the food waste.

Termite solution

We understand that termite infestation is a sensitive matter, especially if it happens in a food retail facility or a restaurant. This is why we value your discretion and will never share any details with third parties.

Contact us if you have noticed there is a termite infestation present and our customer service will attend to your inquiries right away. We ensure to help you obtain a clean and sanitised environment.

Wasp eradication

Do not attempt to handle the wasp infestation issue on your own. You could end up doing more damage, and these solutions might represent only a temporary solution.

Our skilled technicians can accurately determine the exact treatment and extent of the infestation and carry out the correct management and inspection service at an affordable price.

Rodents treatment

Rodents attack both the household, the office environment, disrupting important work, important meetings and the entire business.

Talk to us today and we will offer you a friendly quote and present you with the innovative rodents solutions. You do not have to spend a fortune on DIY organic control treatment- but get targeted solutions which are cost-efficient.

Tick removal

Our team of experts can also help prevent and control unwanted ticks in different facilities and hamper property damage.

Simply contact us and we will respond promptly to your questions and concerns. Keep your facility a truly sanitised and hygienic environment with the tick control package we have! We will also stay in touch with you after the pest inspection is carried out to ensure your premises are tick-free and will stay that way for a very long time.

Ant control

Ants can destroy your goods and contaminate the food you sell. You cannot afford to let an infestation uncontrolled. For that, we have comprehensive ant control solutions for your infestation.

Alpha Pest Control is one of the remarkable companies that provide thorough treatments for ant infestation on the same day of your booking. We allocate a specialised remedy for your ant-infestation stress.

Mice solution

Mice are tiny enough to fit into corners and holes in your house. With that, they can easily reproduce and rummage your property.

You can write to us, or call us and together we will find a suitable solution – innovative mice control Brisbane experts can help. Don’t let the mice problem spiral out of control!

Cockroach eradication

Do not expose your family to any cockroach risks- we know how to deal with the problem safely and efficiently.

Our highly professional cockroach treatment team holds technical and adequate knowledge in hampering the severe and worsening condition of the cockroach infestation. We are well-known experts who are great in determining and conducting excellent services on the same day of your booking.

Residential pest management in Brisbane

Buying a new home? A pest inspection can be extremely helpful. We can help to ensure that you are buying a clean, and pest-free home.


Alternatively, if there is a pest infestation available at the premises, we can perform thorough residential pest control, so that you can move into a house that is clean and sanitised and meets satisfaction guarantee.

Trust the skilled experts at pest controller Brisbane- even when you are buying a home. Please feel free to use our online contact form or call us to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians and we will thoroughly conduct comprehensive pest inspections.

Pest management for commercial properties Brisbane

Our company proudly serves commercial institutions with top quality pest control services. You should make sure that your food processing premises such as production lines or restaurants are free from pest contamination.

We can run complete commercial pest management composed of thorough inspection and determine the source of pest infestation.

We understand that as a business owner, you need to comply with some of the strictest safety and sanitation regulations. Our professionals can help you maintain a clean and healthy environment with our pest treatment services and maintain the wellbeing of your business.

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