Adelaide Alpha Pest Control

We proudly serve customers from Adelaide with outstanding pest management available. Our licensed professionals can help to keep your home and office pest-free because we understand that struggling with a pest infestation represents huge trouble.

You may see cockroaches marching around your home, rodents destroying your cables and wires or bed bugs biting your body and leaving an itchy and inflamed skin. Regardless of the extent and type of infestation, we have targeted solutions that can help.

You should contact pest control Adelaide experts to get valuable information about how you can get rid of the infestation.

Pest infestation is quite common in many homes, so you should never feel embarrassed about such a situation. We can handle the problem in a highly professional manner, and we always value your discretion.

Simply contact us, let us know about the situation and we will schedule an appointment shortly. Our pest control experts will carry out an inspection and then come up with the best solution.

Industrial pest management in Adelaide

Your office is also prone to pests so constant and regular checking for a pest infestation is important. If you have little to no knowledge in handling the pest issue, might as well have it checked professionally.

Alpha Pest Control is amongst the trusted companies for pest management in Adelaide. With the correct utilisation of advanced equipment, we can easily detect and eradicate all types of pest in your office.

The process for a pest solution

Complete pest inspection

The process starts with our comprehensive and keen inspection for pest infestation. Different pests require different eradication measures and our specialists will determine which one is suitable for your pest issue.

Use of eco-safe treatments and advanced technology

The experts will also use the exact required amount of pesticides and ensure that the strategy is indeed a comprehensive solution that will leave your home pest-free. The time issue- a professional technician can eradicate the problem from its roots, within the shortest possible time.

Final pest inspection

Once we are done with the treatment, we will now facilitate a complete and final checking of your premises.

In addition to this, we may also provide you with valuable advice regarding safety issues, and if needed they can make important recommendations.

Domestic pest control solution in Adelaide

Keeping your house without pest is important to ensure the safety and healthy living environment for you and your family. With the presence of the pest, surely your time will be wasted eradicating them and opting for grocery store treatments will only serve temporary protection.

Through our domestic pest control, you will no longer have to worry about handling the problem all by your self because our licensed experts are the ones who will check and determine which suitable method will be carried out for the process.

Special pest control services we offer

Termite treatment in Adelaide

Hiring our services is a much more cost-effective solution than performing DIY strategies for termite treatments. Our technicians use proven strategies, instead of trial and error solutions.

When using DIY methods, it can take several weeks or even months until you can see some results. We use targeted, custom-tailored solutions to eradicate the termite problem efficiently.

Mice control

Our skilled experts always have knowledge of the safety regulations in place in eradicating mice. We understand the high risk of being exposed to mice infestation as their droppings carry health conditions that affect people greatly.

We wear protective clothing and ensure everyone in the property is protected during the procedure.

Rats removal

Rat control from specialists is a suitable solution if you have noticed rat damage in or around your location. You should not wait too long but contact us as soon as possible.

We have specific plans and we can work out customised plans that work excellently in your exact situation.

Rodents control

A rodent infestation can lead to everything from general discomfort and up to diseases that can be dangerous. Do not expose your family members to any kinds of risks, but call us today to schedule an appointment.

We have seasoned experts who are knowledgeable in the concrete process needed in removing rodents even on the same day of your booking.

Cockroach solutions

A cockroach infestation can lead to worse case condition if not attended to quickly. Your immediate and wise alternative is to have experts over to check your property and eradicate the roaches completely.

Our technicians are at your disposal for cockroach solutions on the same day of your confirmation of booking. Use our online contact form or call us. We will discuss in detail the situation and help you get over this problem soon.

Bed bugs termination

When it comes to removing bed bugs, it is without a doubt that it is a challenging and tiresome task as bed bugs are very small and hard to detect as they camouflage in beddings, cushions, and headboards.

Luckily, we offer an extensive process for bed bugs termination with the use of the latest tools and organic solutions that never fails to serve its purpose in removing bed bugs efficiently.

Maggots solution

If you accidentally eat maggot-infested food, chances are you are likely to suffer from bacterial poisoning that provides a one-way ticket to the hospital. They usually breed on trash or any organic material that is rotting.

To resolve this promptly, hire our excellent experts who are adept and knowledgeable with the proper ways in removing maggots efficiently.

Spider treatment

Some spiders may have poisonous venom and some do not. But if you see one, you don’t have much time and the mind to differentiate them as they are still spiders.

Don’t worry because we have thorough spider treatment in Adelaide that is effective in clearing our your premises without spiders. We have an elaborate method that is safe and tested to eradicate spiders.

Wasp extraction

Removing wasp can be dangerous and inflict serious harm to you and your loved ones. The wise option you may take is to hire experts who are excellent in removing wasps.

Our company has thorough wasp extraction that is safe with the use of efficient devices at an affordable cost. We value your trust which is why we constantly work hard in removing wasps properly.

Beetle eradication

Our company provides a thorough beetle eradication effective on the same day as your booking with us. We make sure to employ the industry’s recommended tools and equipment in removing beetles safely and ensure that no harm done will be inflicted throughout the method.

You are in safe hands with us as we are trusted and reliable with vast years of experience in performing this job effectively.

Tick control

Ticks are known to infest our domestic pets. They are usually found on their furs where they lurk and prey on our pets’ blood. If you are experiencing severe tick infestation, better call our technicians now and we will act instantly to provide an effective solution for your tick problem.

We are excellent providers of tick control in Adelaide that is economically priced. Our treatment is excellent in controlling the ticks and removing them completely without causing damage to you and your premises.

Ant removal

Ants are known to infest food whether it is sweet or salty. As long as it is left unattended, ants would immediately pester your food unknowingly. To impede the worst-case scenario of an ant infestation, opt for experts who are exceptionally great in their job.

Our certified specialists are remarkable in removing ant infestation on the same day of your booking. We can hamper the worsening of ant infestation supported by the state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly solutions that have no toxic substances that may affect you.

Emergency pest control in Adelaide

Are you in need of 24/7 assistance for pest control?

Call and reach our services now! We have readily available experts all day and night to assist you on your pest problem and resolve it quickly as we arrive within an hour.

Same-day assistance for pest control service

When it comes to hampering the worsening condition of pest, don’t wait any longer for it to be resolved!

Behold our same-day pest control available in Adelaide. Alpha Pest Control provides instant solutions for your pest infestation. This service guarantees the punctual appearance of our specialists within one hour after you have completely verified your booking.

Benefits of hiring experts for pest control

Hiring experts is convenient and effective in removing all the vermins in your premises- you will no longer have to face the trouble and confusing treatments in eradicating pests and you are safe from the harmful exposure to pest infestation.

Our certified technicians are one of the skilful and intelligent in facilitating pest control service in Adelaide. We go through a series of tests and training to be able to grasp the latest and efficient procedure in removing pests.

No more temporary relief from a pest infestation, start investing for long-term aid! Hire our services now for same-day assistance at an affordable price.