Insect Control

Our company provides comprehensive insect pest control solutions for both commercial and residential environments. Our highly skilled technicians will carefully inspect the premises and determine the best course of treatment in each case. We have a vast experience in successful insect pest control and management across various commercial sectors such as office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, hotels but also residential homes.

Even if you struggle with a small scale insect pest problem, the consequences can eventually become devastating. These consequences translate into brand reputation issues, customer loss and ultimately profit loss. Do not allow insect invasions to take control of your business or home environment. Call us today to schedule an appointment and we will present to you the best insect pest control solution available.

Unfortunately, pests can cause structural damages, they can contaminate items and food and they generally represent a public health risk whether at home or at your business premises. Our team invested time and efforts into developing unique and successful insect pest control protocols. We can help you deal with the problem in the most efficient way:

  • Affordable costs
  • Proven results
  • Follow-up inspections & aftercare

Insect pest control services:

  • Ant control
  • Fly control
  • Mosquito control
  • Food pest control
  • Fabric pest control
  • Tick problems

For every service we provide, we also guarantee full discretion for our clients. We understand that insect pest infestation is a sensitive matter, whether you are a business owner or a homeowner. We also understand that such matters require immediate response, top discretion and highly successful tactics. We can promise to offer our clients the peace of mind they need – from infested premises and up to providing them with a fully clean and healthy, insect-free environment.

Our highly skilled technicians can also successfully identify any structural vulnerabilities at your premises. Thus, we can redirect you towards the most optimal solution to get rid of the pest infestation and to maintain a pest-free environment in the future. We can offer you all the assistance that you need on so many levels: emergency responses for insect pest control, full inspections at your premises, or maintenance services. You also get peace of mind, because our experts have knowledge of all the rules and regulations in place and we can also take care of all the required documentation need to carry out in-depth pest control plans.

We offer insect pest control for a wide range of industries:

  • Construction sites & Warehouses
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Food processing industry
  • Retail & restaurants
  • Commercial properties
  • Education industry

Residential insect pest control

Insects represent a huge problem to so many homeowners. You can spot the insects in the air causing nuisance, but you can also see them on your carpet, in the cupboard, on the counter, under the sink in your kitchen and so on…Many homeowners purchase pesticides for household use, but quite often these chemicals pose a greater risk to those living in the house than the insects themselves. If you are looking to eradicate the insect pest problem in your home, you just need to schedule an appointment with us. We can thoroughly inspect your premises and then come up with the most efficient solution for your particular case.

You can also control to some extent the infestation, particularly if it is a small type of ant invasion or mosquito invasion. Here are some practical tips for keeping away some of the small insects from your home:

  • Ants invasion- make sure you maintain all your countertops clean, without any sticky spots. Also, ensure there are no crumbs available on any surface in your kitchen. You should also keep the sugar and honey in covered containers, and ensure to keep your kitchen as clean as possible (no dishes soaking for example). You can also use natural and deterrents such as mint teabags or cloves near the area where you notice the ants are mostly present. Some other natural deterrents include citrus oil, cayenne pepper, coffee grounds, cinnamon or lemon juice. Use these products right at the area where the ants enter your premises, and they will not cross the “line” you just created using pepper, cinnamon or coffee grounds.
  • Dust mites problems- dust mites are microscopic organisms that can live everywhere you can imagine- clothing items, shelves, books, bed, mattresses, and so on. People who struggle with asthma or allergies typically suffer a lot because of dust mites. You need to be extra careful with regular cleaning of the carpets, and washing bed linens at higher temperatures.
  • Cockroach protection- the biggest enemy of cockroaches is represented by a clean kitchen and a clean bathroom. Ensure to maintain good cleansing practices in these two areas of your home. Vacuum the entire apartment more regularly, and ensure to dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed container/ bag. If it seems there is not much you can do against cockroaches and infestation just grows in your home, the best thing you can do is call the experts. Get an appointment for an inspection and as a next step, you will receive the best insect pest control plan.
  • Fleas infestations- fleas typically arrive into your home via a pet. If you encounter flea problems in your home, you can use an electric flea trap or use cedar extract/ oils across the home because cedar is a natural flea repellent.

We also offer:

  • Spider pest control
  • Bees and wasps removal
  • Removal of carpet beetles

There are many DIY insect control tips and tricks available, but if the infestation is too large you need to call an expert. If you struggle with any insect infestation in your home or at your business premises, simply call us for a quote. We can redirect you towards the most efficient solution, and our experts can also answer all your questions regarding insect pest control.

Take your time to read the available information on our website, and if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us. For emergency inspections, call us and we will schedule an appointment. Before you start using harsh chemicals that may pose a great risk to your health, talk to us for a non-toxic, fast, and efficient solution.