Ant Control

Have you noticed too many ants in your home? Perhaps you already tried DIY methods to destroy the colony unsuccessfully? Did you notice ants present in more than just one spot in or around your home? Then, you definitely need the help of experts. Our professional ant control service will help to exterminate the ant colony successfully so that all further infestations will be prevented.

Even if you see only one or two ants marching around, there is a huge colony in the nearby most probably. Before you know it, they will appear in “armies” of hundreds or thousands in and around your home posing a nuisance to your everyday life. By killing a few ants using a spray is not enough. It definitely takes a professional approach to determine the exact location of the ant colony and sanitize your home from the ant infestation.

The common ants typically nest outdoors in the beginning, and then slowly they make their way inside your home. At first, you can notice ants having nests in the ground, within mulch, or even beneath the trees or in potted plants. Next, they will make their way into piles such as bricks or firewood and then they prepare their nests inside the walls of your home, beneath the carpets or other tiny spaces within your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Do not hesitate to hire professional ant control services in order to deal with the problem efficiently. You do not have to spend a fortune on chemicals that may pose more harm to you than you think, or spending your days and nights trying to annihilate the ants and their colonies.

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  • Ants are quite difficult to control- they always establish multiple colonies and subcolonies. It takes an expert in the field to eradicate the problem from its roots.
  • An expert is capable of determining the exact location of the ant colony and treat the problem directly- not just eliminating a few ants that are visibly marching on the floor
  • Homemade baits do not work efficiently. It takes a long period of time until you can find their point of entry
  • A professional inspection is necessary in order to find the exact location of a colony

As a homeowner -what you can do to reduce the risk of ant infestation include:

  • Do not put at their disposal too many options for nesting- try to eliminate those piles of lumber, any debris and bricks if possible
  • The landscaping mulch must be kept smaller than 2 inches
  • Ensure any exterior cracks in your home are well sealed. This method will also serve as protection against many other insect infestations
  • Ensure the branches of the trees do not touch your structure. For this, you need to perform regular trimming.

There are many different types of ants that could invade your home. These include fire ants, sugar ants, carpenter ants, and many others. Of these, the carpenter ants are particularly havoc wrecking- these ants typically “travel” through wood making tunnels and creating damages inside the wooden items. Then, the odorous house ants will not destroy items in your home such as wood but they will contaminate the food you consume. In order to get peace of mind, always get professional ant control. If you have noticed ants marching around in your home, around your food, on wooden items and outdoors around your plants…simply call the experts.

Ant facts you should know:

  • The ants always leave a pheromone trail as they march. The pheromone trail is picked up by other ants and they will follow it.
  • Killing only one colony is not the best solution. Ants typically have sub colonies everywhere, and those need to be eliminated as well
  • An ant queen can lay between 500 and 800 eggs every single day
  • Ants live long- they can live even up to 10 years and during this time period have tens of thousands of young

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Before attempting ant control, our experts will identify the exact species of ants that creates problems at your premises. This identification will happen upon the initial inspection. After inspecting we will present to you several ant control options that are suitable in your case. You can choose your desired plan or let the experts apply the optimal solution in your case. Our experts have the required knowledge to spot accurately the ant colony and treat it directly. This way, any ant invasions will be avoided in the future.

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Don’t let ants destroy your peace of mind and interact with your everyday well-being. If you consider there is an ant invasion present at your premises, let the experts handle the problem for you. Don’t spend your precious time and money on solutions that work only temporarily. We can help you get rid of the problem efficiently with a custom-tailored ant control strategy.